The first visit to any pediatric dentistry office should be a positive and even a fun experience especially for children on their first visit!

At Children & Teen Dental, pediatric dentistry is exciting, upbeat, and lively.

Our offices are bright, happy places that have been carefully designed for both the physical and psychological needs of children.

When you visit our office, you’ll find an environment that brings about ear-to-ear smiles and radiates a friendly tone.

It is our primary responsibility to show children that going to a pediatric dentist is not a frightening experience. Our pediatric dentists and staff are trained to deal with infants, children, and teens, and it shows!

Our first priority, is to establish communication and trust with your child...

At Children & Teen Dental, we are skilled in all aspects of dental care for children. Our dental team will use positive language when something may be uncomfortable or “pinch” and when it will not. We use positive words, such as: pinch, wiggle, whistle, and raincoat, to describe the dental environment.

We will use a technique known as TELL, SHOW, DO and positive reinforcement to educate your child while completing the necessary treatment. We will TELL your child what we are going to do, SHOW them what we are going to do, and then DO the procedure. We may also use voice modulation, distraction and nonverbal communication to establish communication with your child.

When to schedule that first visit?

Ideally, we encourage you to schedule your child’s first cleaning visit soon after his or her first birthday. Of course, we will see a child at any age should you notice a problem or have a question. This will not only identify problems early on but also ensures the first visit will be a positive one.

The initial examination will include a detailed inspection of the mouth and jaws and a discussion of diet and fluoride. We will show you the best at-home techniques for good dental practices. We will take a general medical history and discuss your child’s eating habits. With this input, we can lay the groundwork for a lifetime of good dental health.