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Dr. Derry Agnini

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Dr. Nancy Montgomery, DMD

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225 Imperial Blvd., Lakeland, Florida. 33803

Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 5:00pm

School, soccer practice, gymnastics, music lessons…does it ever end?

As a parent or grandparent of a young child or teenager, youʼve got enough on your plate, and the last thing you should be having to worry about is running around town, visiting multiple offices just to take care of your childʼs oral healthcare needs.

At Children & Teen Dental Group in Lakeland, FL., you donʼt have to.

Whether your child simply needs a routine dental cleaning or an extraction, weʼve got you covered. From pediatric dental checkups to extractions, youʼll find what youʼre looking for at our pediatric dentistry practice.

The heart of Children & Teen Dental Group

While meeting all of your pediatric dental needs under one roof is something weʼre very proud of, it isnʼt the real reason you should book an appointment at our practice; far from it.

  • What if you knew that you and your child would be loved and cared for the minute you walked through our doors?
  • What if your child left the dentist office laughing, instead of crying?
  • What if you could work with a team of pediatric dental professionals to empower your child to exude self-confidence?

Itʼs about heart. Itʼs about trust. Itʼs about being a welcomed addition to you and your childʼs life, not an unwanted distraction.

If you want a truly different dental experience for your child (you know, much better than the one you probably had growing up), schedule your childʼs dental appointment today.

Lakeland, FL

225 Imperial Blvd., Lakeland, Florida. 33803